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What is analog film & why choose it?

Brief answers: With old school analog (film) cameras, light gets exposed onto the plastic sheet of a roll of film which interacts with the chemicals in it and imprints an image, thus creating the photos we see when we press the shutter. There's a je ne sais quoi to film that digital cameras can't seem to emulate. Film has beautiful character yet is timeless to endure trends. It can have a vintage and extra grainy feel but can also be sharp, to show off more depth and soul overall. Film is a fine art that makes even the motion blurred and underexposed moments feel like something special.

In depth: While film photography has been around longer than I have and technology has evolved, there is no replacing it either. Unlike the instant feedback of digital cameras and phones to take countless photos, rely on screens to guide you, and see the turnout right away, film is limited in all these ways. It's a manual process and highlights the craftsmanship of photography and art. There's only a small viewfinder and the eye of the photographer where the unknown of your shots sit until your roll of film is processed and developed in a lab. This encourages organic picture taking and genuine moments captured instead of fixating on the 'perfect shot.'

when to choose film?

Any occassion, really.

I'm all about celebrating life's moments, big or small. It brings me so much joy to capture the events of a single night and turn it into personal treasure for others. Here are some ideas if you're interested in taking the next occasion you have and documenting it in style:

Birthday celebration

cocktail & dinner parties

Courthouse wedding

Maternity, Motherhood



Bridal & wedding showers

Welcome Wedding Party


I understand our experiences are fleeting and the events we anticipate can feel bittersweet. As a documentarian, I want to capture authentic yet artistic moments that still hold all the feelings for you to relive again later. Emotion and connection inspire my work and I pride myself on studying the finer details that I think will be sentimental and special for you.