Super 8mm

motion film

Vintage Romance

sentimental | charming | imperfect

Nostalgic Highlights

Choose this medium as an alternative video format to capture the soul and feeling of moments.

For Any Occasion:

For the couples who want something unique for their wedding day, for individuals who want something fun to document their lifestyle, and for families who like the look of a classic home movie. This format is wonderful to capture the special and mundane parts of your life and make it feel cinematic. Allowing you to live in the moment while I document it all for you to watch and relive.

The Process:

Each film cartridge holds about 3 minutes of footage. This may not seem like much but I have a well-trained eye to observe and know when to time my filming. And with the results, every second captured feels like art. Since super 8 cameras are decades old (most were made in the 60s and 70s), they can range in look and quality. This attributes to the vintage flair of the videos, leading to vibrant and muted colors, authentic grain and subtle imperfections that can occur. Once all the film has been exposed and used up, I send it to a lab out of state to be professionally processed and digitized. When that's complete and I receive the film again, I work on color-grading and editing accordingly, highlighting your video. This process, the consumables and supply of these cameras, including maintenance, are an investment. However, each frame comes with so much more soul and depth than any smartphone or digital device can capture.


let's ditch the phones and 4k hd cameras, sometimes old is good.

in documentary style

Custom coverage packages available

Mini keepsake


Filming sweet documentary moments for any special occasion or event. 5+ total minutes of color-graded footage and curated highlight videos.

Wedding keepsake 01


10+ total minutes of color-graded footage, curated highlight videos and teasers. 3 hours of coverage.

Inquire for additional coverage/footage

Wedding keepsake 02


18+ total minutes of color-graded footage, curated highlight videos and teasers. 7 hours of coverage.